Decarbonizing the world is the next great challenge for humankind. It will require alignment of the right technologies, discoveries, innovations and most importantly, people.

We call ourselves Plasmons because we have a lot of energy and use it to get things done. Plasmons aren't willing to wait for solutions to come to the world. We're here to do our part by helping decarbonize products we all need like fuel, fertilizer, and plastic right here and now. We know that an equitable energy transition is critical to the wellbeing of our employees, communities, and our ecosystem.

To accelerate our technology to market and make an impact sooner, it will take a diverse team of Plasmons collaborating, innovating, and supporting each other. We know working together in an inclusive environment is key to finding the best solutions to tough problems and gives us strength and resilience when challenges arise.

Think about the world. Think about climate change. Now think about you.

Syzygy’s to-do list:
  • Make a lasting impact on the world and climate change
  • Passionately work to reduce emissions and lower our carbon footprint
  • Face challenges with excitement while using creativity and innovation to tackle tough problems
  • Operate safely while cultivating a safe, diverse, and inclusive environment

If these things sound like you, check out our openings today. Become a Plasmon and join us on our journey to make a cleaner future.

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View Our Openings