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Hydrogen and Greenhouse Gas to Value solutions are only the beginning.

Decarbonizing the chemical industry with light-driven reactions presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only protect our planet but also to rethink how we produce the molecules on which society and world economies rely.

Low-carbon-intensity hydrogen and greenhouse gas to value solutions are only the beginning for Syzygy. With a few modifications to the Rigel™ reactor and our photocatalysts, we are able to produce an extensive range of molecules.

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2025 and beyond

Combustion-free photocatalytic ammonia synthesis (P-AS™) from hydrogen and nitrogen
N₂ + 3H₂ -> 2NH₃
CO₂ to value from photocatalytic reverse water-gas shift reaction (P-rWGSR™)
H₂ + CO₂ -> H₂O + CO
Ultra-low-emissions hydrogen and sulfur from photocatalytic H₂S splitting (P-H₂SS™)
2H₂S -> 2H₂ + S₂
Sustainable photocatalytic water splitting
H₂O -> H₂ + ½O₂

Rigel reactors and photocatalysts can be tuned to produce many other chemicals like ethylene and aromatics.

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